Sasquatch for Ubuntu


I am an avid user of binwalk since it automates the initial reverse engineering work. It identifies the compression, if any, and file format of a given firmware fairly easily once you take care of the false positives.

Last week I built a virtual machine (VM) using a minimal install of Xubuntu Linux. My last Debian-based VM had become bloated and slow, so it was time to clean up. Surprisingly, I couldn’t get Sasquatch to compile for Ubuntu. Sasquatch is a helper tool for non-standard Squash file systems,  rampant in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) realm. It seems the patches made for squashfs 4.3 just won’t compile under Ubuntu Linux, likely due to the liblzma library included in the operating system.

Trying to fix the patches soon led to endless sequence of additional compiling errors, so I took the easy way out: compiled Sasquatch on Debian and just used the binary in by Xubuntu VM. It worked!

Anyone in the same situation can download the pre-compiled Sasquatch binary here. Happy reverse engineering!

Author: Jonathan Racicot

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